Glyndon Greer is my name and you can call me Glyndon. There are only a few people who can call me Glyn, and you probably aren’t one of them. So, it’s Glyndon. At Starbucks and restaurants Leo is my name. I try to avoid the 2 minutes of a predictable loop of craziness that exists when someone asks you for your name and they’ve never heard it before. “Can I have your name?” ‘Glyndon.’ “Huh?” ‘Glyndon.’ “What?” ‘Glyndon.’ “How do you spell that?” ‘G-L-Y- no, G-L-Y. No it’s a Y and not an E.   N-D-O-N.’ And that’s just writing it down. The disaster comes 15 minutes later after they wrote down a name they’ve never heard before. They start calling out names like Bob, James, Cindy, Suzy, or Matt, and then they scroll across a scratched through name they rewrote three times.

So Glyndon or Leo is my name. I hate touching drink holders. The recycled, cardboard, noise making when you touch it carriers.  I would rather carry three drinks in my arms and one under my chin sideways with it spilling down my shirt. I hate recycling. IT’S RECYCLING! If I can in one motion throw something away that I no longer need into a trash can, then I should be able to in one motion throw something into the recycling bin. I think the GREEN people should be peeling labels and washing out cans and handling garbage that I’m done with. There should be walking lanes at malls and amusement parks for HOV, fast, slow, and I just decided to stop in the middle of the path to talk.

I’m not all bitter and angry. I love my wife and best friend Chasity with all that I am. And that’s a lot, I’m kinda big in size. I love our two daughters Hailey and Macey with an amazing love that I never had before they were born. God does something crazy with a parent’s love. I can’t describe it. I love sports. I love fantasy football. I love my family. They are one of a kind and I don’t know how I got so lucky. I love music, movies, television, friendships. This is getting generic, I should stop before I tell you how I love walking outside on a cold morning and being able to see my breath.

I have a relationship with God. This doesn’t define me so much as you seeing a house painted in the color God as much as God being the foundation for who I am.  I think more people work on painting the house and putting up a neon sign that says “Christian Living Here” than they do the foundation. My relationship with God is the foundation for my life. You can see him in everything I love and also in the things I hate, in some ways. Not that He minds drink carriers as much as He enjoys laughing at me trying not to use one. He’s a part of everything I do big and small. It’s an ongoing relationship that requires an occasional demolition of what’s built on the foundation as I may get ahead of the blueprint He has in mind or I just screw something up. Which happens often.

We live in San Diego, CA where we are a part of a brand new church started in October 2007.  church @ The Hills is an amazing place and it’s the place where we fill at home.


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