Twelve Tweets//Iowa State



1. food from the fan zone is a much better choice than the stadium food inside. i may have eaten my last hot dog and cold pizza.

2. took in the basketball scrimmage from court side seats before the football game.  a much better view for the game just for the sounds alone.

3. the game was moving along with ease as the Ags scored touchdowns on their first three possessions. 21-0 is such a good score on the eyes!

4. didn’t realize our punt team had a perfect game until i was in the car going home. 0 punts!! that was just the flow of the game all day.

5. first game back at kyle in over two weeks and it was obvious there were two different crowds for osu and isu. no volume or intensity.

6. military appreciation day puts things in perspective.  pictures of Aggies all over the world serving our country forces TRUE appreciation.

7. can’t tell you how excited i am for the future of this team. when these freshmen are seniors, i’m ALL in! wish we played USC then. . .

8. made my first trek to the upper portion of The Zone. i decided that even though the tickets my be cheaper, i will pay more to walk less!

9. Jeff Fuller is a beast. One of Sherman’s first acts as HC was talking him into not signing @ ou. so thankful i can follow his career at A&M!

10. i noticed sat just how big of a role jamie mccoy plays in the offense. because we lack a tru FB or it’s a tru role in this offense?

11. it came to my attention that i’m really looking forward to baylor coming to Kyle. watching the tech revenge game, a bear becomes a cub?

12. choose wisely: 3 losses in a row w/ a win over tu knocking them out of champ contention OR 3 wins and a loss to tu with them in title game?


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