3rd & 1//Iowa State



1st down: The Aggies have to run the football.  There’s a difference between running the football and trying to run the football.  If the Aggies are able to RUN the football then they will truly have success in the passing game and overall on the scoreboard and not just the stat sheet.  Something bad happens when there is such a commitement to run the football and the defense is stopping the run.  If the run is stuffed and the Ags keep forcing the run just to prove the 300 plus rushing yards last week wasn’t a fluke that could force problems.  Hopefully the O-line has the same mentality as last week and the Ags will be able to RUN the ball and not have to FORCE the run.

2nd down: The Aggies have to repeat last weeks performance this week.  Duh right?  Not what they did on the field but what they did collectively off the field.  One reason for the success against Tech was the team successfully put the game against Kansas State out of their minds.  This week the Aggies need to put the game against Tech out of their minds to have a good performance today even if lightening strikes three times and the Ags happen to fumble on their first offensive possession!

3rd down: Leave the trick or treating to the kids.  The Aggies need to come out dressed up as themselves.  They don’t need to be the team that played poorly against Arkansas or Kansas State and in my opinion they don’t need to try to be the team that wrecked havoc on the west plains.  They should come out as themselves.  Who wouldn’t want to see two of our linebackers trade in their numbers this week for numbers 9 and 44.  An attempt to recreate the Wrecking Crew would be awesome but how long has that been going on?  1998 maybe.  These players need to be themselves in an attempt to become a part of the Wrecking Crew but not duplicate or BE the Wrecking Crew of old.

and 1: To me the game is going to come down to defense.  Surprise right?  Here are two teams coming off of games where the defense forced turnovers to upset the flow of each of the favored teams they were up against.  Let’s see which defense duplicates the turnover game this week.  I would point to that team at the end of the game and probably see them celebrating a victory.  Then I hope to turn and see the Yell Leaders run onto the field trying to elude some clean head shaven fish chasing them!


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