#28 > #5


Toombs in #28

There are a ton of memorable maroon moments.  More of those moments depend on me having a good memory in order to recall them as there haven’t been a whole lot lately.  This memory doesn’t require too much effort to recall.

I remember waking up October 10, 1998 and walking outside.  I felt great.  Something was in the air.  I distinctly remember smelling the all so recognizable new t-shirt smell as my Maroon Out shirt had never been worn.  I don’t want to be crazy and say I smelled something like victory or upset in the air so I’ll just say I felt it (I did smell it though, flat out smelled it.).

#2 Nebraska rolled in to town and looked larger than any huge challenge anyone could create.  Leaving midnight yell I starred at the Nebraska trailer parked outside of the opponents locker room that carried the teams equipment in from Lincoln.  The big red “N” was surrounded by all of it’s credentials achieved on the gridiron.  Five championships detailed the side of the trailer with the year that they accomplished football greatness including 1997.

No section 114 for me and my boys for this game.  Ricky, Eric, and myself were on the track!  Chairs mimicking section, row, and seat number were set up on each corner of the track.  I had never seen so many opposing team’s fans.  A guy in a red Nebraska t-shirt stood and yelled behind us.  I turned around to see a giant corn cob had attacked his head.  He wore it as a hat and I can only guess he was doing it on accident.

Moments in the game stick out like individual spokes on a bicycle tire supporting the weight of just how classic this game really is in the history of Aggie football.  The Zone was still under construction and many construction workers were hardly working that Saturday afternoon as they had an unobstructed view of the field.

Ready for the memory?  The score is tied at 7 and “Corn Head” is still standing and yelling.  In those days it was a steady dose of run, run, run, punt if ten yards weren’t earned in the first three plays.  Dante Hall ran for five yards.  Second down and five to go for the first and Hall picks up another three.  Third down and two belonged to a new freshman running back named Ja’mar Toombs.  Toombs took the ball and ran 71 yards to the one yard line at our end of the field.  One thing I remember about this outstanding run was Toombs looking up at the video board as he was in a foot race with smaller, faster athletes.

As we exchanged high fives with Aggies nearby I noticed “Corn Head” had lost his corn, er, hat.  He was sitting down and was the only person sitting in our section.  Hall punched it in from the one and the Aggies would not look back and made a quick exit of “Corn Head”.  He missed a good game as the Cornhuskers came back just as you would expect a good team to do.

That 71 yard run was etched in my mind.  Sure I remember seeing me and my buddies on TV for a second each as the cameras came over for a shot of guess who, “Corn Head”.  The thing that sticks out the most is the #28 of Toombs jersey.  The next year he would switch to #5.  I would forever see #28 as I watched #5 run the football the next few years.

Walking out of Kyle Field I glanced back to see Aggies everywhere celebrating and noticed the chairs of our section and the other three around the track were anything but straight.  Chairs were turned on their side, knocked over, facing each other, and holding a few Aggies who were standing up cheering.

Yeah, #28 > #5.


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