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1st down: The Aggies have to run the football.  There’s a difference between running the football and trying to run the football.  If the Aggies are able to RUN the football then they will truly have success in the passing game and overall on the scoreboard and not just the stat sheet.  Something bad happens […]

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There are a ton of memorable maroon moments.  More of those moments depend on me having a good memory in order to recall them as there haven’t been a whole lot lately.  This memory doesn’t require too much effort to recall. I remember waking up October 10, 1998 and walking outside.  I felt great.  Something […]

Section 114 has served as the view of game day at Kyle Field for six years.  I need to go back and check my ticket stubs to be accurate of the first section I called home in 1999 when I first purchased season tickets.  I remember several memories from that first section. One, the parents […]